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Assemblage Tools & Techniques
Steve Parmelee

Steve Parmelee is an award-winning assemblage artist, and an obsessive collector who expresses narratives through found-object sculptural works. His work is regularly exhibited at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Seattle area galleries, and studio tours, and he is a member of the artist's cooperative Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo.

Saturday & Sunday May 4th & 5th10:00am - 4:00pm

$375 + $25 material fee


What to expect from your workshop with Steve Parmelee

Explore the literal nuts and bolts of assemblage art assembling, from the curation of components through to the final hanging hardware and everything inbetween. We’ll confront challenges in fastening together disparate materials including wood, metal, plastics and ceramics using nuts & bolts, posts & rivets, tap & die, glues & epoxies, wire binding and threaded rod. There will also be a hands-on overview of rotary tool & drill bits, and cutting & sawing of a wide variety of materials. Join in hands-on experimenting, plus discussing Steve’s projects with insights, tips and tricks.

Steve Parmelee Assemblage Art
Steve Parmelee in his studio

Steve Parmelee

Making Connections


What makes Steve Parmelee's work extraordinary is his ability to tell stories through his work. When you view his work, you realize it's saying something very special. Sometimes it can be open to interpretation, but the story is front and center. The power of the work is at the intersection of the stories of the individual objects, that when brought together, tell a whole new narrative.

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