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Classical Drawing with James Andrews
February 3rd & 4th

Join us for the two day immersion in classical drawing as participants build a successful still life one day and a satisfying self portrait in the next. James will be teaching proven techniques in a step by step system that will allow each student to draw any item with success.

James Andrews Classical Still Life Drawing Lemons
Pencil Portrait of Kids in Graphite by James Andrews
Light & Shadow Sphere in Pencil by Black Barn Fine Art Studio teacher James Andrews
James Andrews Pencil Drawing Still Life with Skull Black Barn Fine Art Studio
James Andrews Skull Drawing Still Life Black Barn Fine Art Studio

What to expect from this workshop

In this two-day workshop, artist James Andrews demystifies the practice of creating beautiful, classical realism drawings by walking students through the same skills passed down for hundreds of years in ateliers throughout Europe.

This workshop, which will explore both still life and portraiture, is ideal for both beginners and for those who have experience but have long searched for a way to better organize their work and take it to a higher level.

Day One
- Introductions and brief history lesson
- Eye training exercises
- intro NEBS process
- single object drawing
- Objects in perspective
- Pencil sharpening
- Still Life set up 
* no more than 3 objects
* solid, matte objects—no glass or shiny stuff
- Still Life Block-in

Day Two
- Review of Day 1 work with fresh eyes
- Applying NEBS to portraiture
- Set up for self-portraits
- Small study with just the block-in and false value.
- Life-sized self-portrait

What does NEBS stand for?

Notional Space Box
Shadow Shapes

James will demonstrate and explain this clearly in your workshop.
Drawing is the basis for all artwork. If you want to be a successful painter you must learn how to draw very well. Here is one of your instructors oil paintings from his studies in Florence, Italy
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