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Colored Pencil Stew - with Eileen Sorg
May 18th & 19th, 2024
10:00am-4:30pm each day

Eileen's workshop will teach you how to use ink, watercolor and colored pencil together to create richly detailed pieces of art. Students will be guided through a group project step by step with Eileen demonstrating each stage and providing guidance along the way. 


Her mixed media approach allows for a quick buildup of color and value while still leaving room for the beautiful detail and control of colored pencil.  Designed to help students at every skill level to master techniques, design and color, you will learn watercolor and colored pencil application tips and how to extract the best qualities of each medium in this fun and informative workshop.

Due to Eileen's transparent and thorough process of training you exactly how she creates her colored pencil & mixed media work, each class has a different project. We hope to have an line drawing of the project for you to view 6-8 weeks before the workshop. If you have any questions about the potential class project, email us at 

Fruits of Your Labor Colored Pencil Art by Eileen Sorg of Black Barn Fine Art Studio in Kingston, WA
In Your Face - Fox and Hummingbird Art by Eileen Sorg owner of Black Barn Fine Art Studio in Kingston, WA
Detail of Have a Drink On Me - colored pencil art by Eileen Sorg - Black Barn Fine Art Studio Kingston Washington
Artist Eileen Sorg in her studio in Kingston, WA Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Genalogy - colored pencil art by Eileen Sorg - Black Barn Fine Art Studio
The Trouble with Butterflies Eileen Sorg Colored Pencil Art Black Barn Fine Art Studio
 The Pursuit of Happiness Colored Pencil & Mixed Media by Eileen Sorg

About Eileen Sorg - Black Barn Founder

Eileen Sorg is a professional artist based in the Pacific Northwest and is well known for her magical, narrative drawings. She regularly shows her work at juried festivals across the country and has originals in museums and private collections worldwide. In addition to her personal studio work, she accepts commission work throughout the year. She is a popular instructor teaching workshops across the US and Canada where she shares her love of drawing and the mixed media technique she has developed over the years. 

Eileen is also recognized as a Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and the author of several books on drawing in colored pencils produced by Walter Foster Publishing.

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