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Fantasy Painting with Gouache
with Carli Christina

Illustrator Carli Christina guides students through a fantasy illustration with faeries and mushrooms.

September 21st, 10:00am-3:00pm

$ 160 + supplies


Carli can teach you various techniques using gouache and mixed media to create a magical fantasy illustration in this workshop.


Transfer the drawing to illustration board and you're off and running following along with Carli step by step. 

Magic Mushroom.PNG

What to expect from your workshop with Carli

In this workshop, Carli will explain step-by-step how to paint a fantasy fairy and mushroom themed art piece using the medium gouache! In this workshop, we will discuss: transferring a sketch to illustration board, using watercolor and watercolor pencils as an underpainting, and creating different effects with gouache. 


Provided Supplies:

  • Illustration board 

  • Graphite paper (for transferring drawing)

Students should bring:

  • Pen/pencil

  • Watercolor pencils

  • M Graham watercolor 

  • M Graham gouache - primaries 

  • Watercolor Brushes (a selection)


About Carli


I began drawing as early as I can remember. Both of my parents were and are very talented in many ways. They definitely encouraged my creativity. 


I remember my mom would draw our pet guinea pigs and I loved the level of detail she was able to achieve with a pencil, I thought it was unreal. My dad also had a skill set with drawing and would draw cartoons to make me laugh. My grandpa on my dad’s side did a lot of watercolors with inkwork, and that really captured my interest.


I have been drawing essentially my whole life. Since I was a child it helped me observe the world around me. At 11 years old, it became a way for me to understand my feelings better. It was always a way for my voice to be expressed and for me to communicate with myself and others. As I grew up, I would draw every single day in class. Eventually teachers gave up on telling me not to draw on my homework.


In 2015, I began college at the Northwest College of Art & Design and got my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications (majoring in Entertainment Art and Illustration) in 2018.


In 2022 I returned to NCAD and have been teaching classes like Advanced Painting, Imagery & Design,  Advanced Illustration, Visual Development, & Color Theory.


My work can often be described as dark surrealism. It’s ominous, but often with a whimsical and unearthly spin. 


I am a mixed media artist, but the mediums I typically use are gouache paints and inks. Sometimes I use watercolor pencils and pastels for minor details.

To learn more about the artist - visit her website at 

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