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Intro to Watercolor
with Derek Gundy

This workshop is a one day introduction to watercolor, taught by Derek Gundy. This learning opportunity is designed for people who would like to begin in watercolor, or those who have tried and experienced frustration. Derek's painting from imagination process helps new painters focus on collaborating with the materials instead of trying to replicate specific scenes. Participants will learn about the paints, brushes, paper, and other additional materials. 

Sunday June 9th 10:00am-3:00pm

$195 includes all materials

intro watercolor students2_edited.jpg
intro watercolor students_edited.jpg

View some of Derek's professional work below, and scroll all the way down to see an example of the type of painting students will be creating during this workshop.

Students will paint a landscape from imagination using a limited palette of watercolors. All supplies, including M. Graham professional grade watercolors, will be provided by the instructor. This is a wonderful opportunity to try some of the nicer products available before you invest in your own materials - a wonderful learning opportunity for potential new watercolor painters!

Watercolor House Painting by Derek Gundy Watercolor Teacher Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Varenna Fisherman Lake Como Watercolor by Derek Gundy - Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Venice Gondolier, Italy, watercolor by Derek Gundy Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Doges Palace at Night, Venice, Watercolor by Derek Gundy Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Seattle Illustration by Derek Gundy - watercolor and gouache - Black Barn Fine Art Studio

Landscape Watercolor from Imagination

Watercolor Landscape from Imagination by Derek Gundy - Black Barn Fine Art Studio

Derek believes that most of the frustration that occurs with new painters is trying too hard to replicate a reference image exactly like it is in the photograph. Instead, new painters can experience surprising success when they play with real imagery but from their imagination. Learning what different amounts of water and paint will do when combines, students realize early on they are collaborating with the water, and that this is not entirely within their control. Giving up control, one will have far more success with watercolor.

This workshop will give you the learning experience of how to create imagery with simple techniques, guided by the instructor step by step. 

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