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Monotype Printmaking Basics
with Dana Harris Seeger

Learn the art of monotype printing in this simple beginner workshop

Thursday June 13th, 10:00am - 2:00pm

$200 includes all materials 


We will use oil-based inks with an acrylic plate to create one-of-a-kind images that will be “printed” onto paper using the etching press. This 4 hour workshop is a great introduction into printmaking as well as how to use the press. All aspects of mono-printing will be covered including how to properly condition and paint your ink onto the substrate, how to dampen paper and calibrate the press for beautiful painterly imagery. Because we are using oil-based ink, we will be able to create multiple “drops” or layers of ink on one sheet of paper deepening the dimension of imagery! Paper will also be included, and all the resulting prints can be taken home.

Dana Harris Seeger

I love making connections. When I see a student's face light up after they hear me explain a process, when someone writes to me about how a piece of my artwork has brought back fond memories, or made them realize something they hadn't before, it makes my heart skip a beat. Creating connections between the past and the present, between different artistic mediums, and different learning styles is what I do. I believe that art is a language that can be a lens through which we see the world. I believe it is a vital part of our lives, informs a lot of what we do subconsciously and should be taken more seriously as a viable career in our society.


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monotype 2.jpeg
monotype 1 with plate.jpeg

Above are some acrylic plates with the images that were printed from them

monotype 1.jpeg

Described as a hybrid between printing and painting, monotypes have an alluring aura – sites of experimentation, they invite spontaneity in a way other printmaking methods avoid.

MATERIALS - included in workshop tuition


1 Acrylic plate 5x7” or 8x10”

Set of soft watercolor brushes

Brayer for adding ink to the plate

Paper for printing (rag paper such as Rives BFK)

Ink knives for conditioning and mixing ink

Rags and Q-tips for removing ink

Water soluble oil based ink or solvent soluble oil based ink

Pencil for “trace” monotype and sketching imagery


*Students should bring some reference imagery or sketches with them to class

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