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Mother's Day Encaustic Workshop
with Betsy Schairer

This is a special offering for Mother's Day weekend - wonderful experience to have two family

members, such as a mother and daughter, to create artwork to honor a special woman in the family.

Workshop & material fees are per person.

Saturday May11th 12:00pm - 5:00pm

$200 + $40 material fee per person

We will transform a special family photo into a portrait of honor of a woman in our lives that we would like to honor on Mother’s Day. This is a great class for anyone who would like to use the healing power of art to connect with a lost relative that deserves to be remembered well. Mothers and daughters may wish to take this class together to connect and share memories. 


What to expect from your encaustic workshop

Beginners are welcome, this is an introductory class where we learn hands on about creating with the fascinating medium of encaustic beeswax. Encaustic is the 2,000-year-old art technique of painting by burning colors into wax.


We will be using color and collage techniques to explore the beautiful layering capabilities of this special medium that still captures the hearts and minds of artists today. You will learn techniques to draw, collage, paint, and add metallic elements to embellish your special person’s portrait. Your original photo will be safe, as the instructor will print your scanned image for you prior to class on encaustic compatible paper for your use during the workshop.


Open to all levels - beginners are welcome.

Number of Students: 12 Students Maximum - with a minimum of 6 students to run workshop.

Cost per Student:

One day workshop $200 Tuition, $40 materials fee – All materials provided with fee paid

One day workshop – 12pm-5pm with snack or lunch break as needed.

Students to bring snacks & canvas apron or heavy smock, sketchbook and pen.


Students to email a family photo to be printed by instructor on appropriate paper prior to day of class.

Learning Outcomes & Activities:

Demo & Presentation on the material

Panel prep

Material choices


Applying wax – Temperatures and Brush technique


Proper layering technique for collage


Surface techniques: Metallics, Carving, Dusting, Drawing with wax stylus

Brush care

Packaging work


Betsy Schairer is a Pacific Northwest artist and craftsperson based in Poulsbo, Washington. She studied Fiber Arts and Art Education at Western Washington University. Her work focuses on personal narrative using illustrative layered mixed media processes that often incorporate vintage textiles and ephemera. Her work is candid, expressive, and instinctive using vibrant colors and bold patterning.

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