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Portrait Sculpture with James Andrews
August 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th
$350 Clay & Tools Included

Create a life size portrait or self portrait in clay!


This  4 session workshop (over two weeks) is designed to teach students the basic skills of creating a life-size portrait in water clay.


Over the course of the four sessions, students

will use traditional techniques to create a self-portrait using both mirrors and photographic references which we will take in class.

Session 1

-Introduction to materials -Introduction to the method

-Taking photos: front view and both profile views
-Create drawings from photos, focusing on relative angle block-ins -Sculpting basic facial features
-Students begin setting up their armatures

Session 2

-Quick review of the block-in and how drawing translates to sculpture -Students cover armatures in the first layer of clay

-Sculpture block-in begins using profile views first
-Time permitting, turn sculptures to front view and begin reconciling any proportion and likeness issues.

Session 3

-Continue work refining the sculpture and capturing the likeness -Add smaller details and textures

Session 4

-Hollowing the sculpture -Preparing the sculpture for firing


Instructor James Andrews

Your tuition includes clay for your sculpture as well as the use of a variety of clay tools.

Here are a few things you'll need to bring:


*Drawing pad- no smaller than 9”x12” and no larger than 11”x14”

*Pencil and eraser–preferably a Mechanical pencil (Pentel Twist- Erase 0.7 is recommended

*Smock or comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting clay on

*Possible additional materials: shoe polish, wood stains, metallic paints or other

colors of choice

Sculptures will be fired when all are thoroughly dry and students can arrange a time to return to the studio afterward for applying finishes, etc.

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