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Watercolor Swatching
with Dana Harris Seeger

Practice mixing your watercolor paints in a meditative way as you choose a limited

palette and see how many new colors there are to discover!

Tuesday June 18th, 7:00-9:00pm

$95 includes all materials 

watercolor swatching 1.jpg

What to expect from your workshop

“Color Theory” might be a scary term to some, but it’s really just learning how pigment

interacts with itself. In short, what we will discover is how fun mixing colors can be!

This workshop is ideal for those who wish to find a relaxing way to spend the day, for

artists who want to expand their color savvy, or for those who want to practice painting

in watercolor without the pressure of creating a “painting”.

We will use the watercolor paint as our way of exploring color, choosing a limited palette

(so we don’t get too overwhelmed) and painting grid squares by mixing our paints in the

beautiful setting at Black Barn Fine Art Studio.

CFM colors.jpeg
Watercolor swatching 2.jpeg

All materials are provided for this workshop

Dana Harris Seeger

I love making connections. When I see a student's face light up after they hear me explain a process, when someone writes to me about how a piece of my artwork has brought back fond memories, or made them realize something they hadn't before, it makes my heart skip a beat. Creating connections between the past and the present, between different artistic mediums, and different learning styles is what I do. I believe that art is a language that can be a lens through which we see the world. I believe it is a vital part of our lives, informs a lot of what we do subconsciously and should be taken more seriously as a viable career in our society.


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