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Drawing Casts
with James Andrews

The intensive day of drawings will help student better understand how to visually communicate form, light, and shadow through careful study of methods used by masters for centuries.

June 22nd




About Drawing Casts

Drawing casts is essential to artists developing their drawing skills. It is one of the common methods of learning classical drawing. With a pure white plaster cast - there is no color to distract the artist, simply form conveyed through light and shadow affecting the form. Without light - we would not really see form very well, so essentially in bringing dramatic light into the mix with a pure white cast - it gives us more to see (and draw).

Instructor James Andrews will guide students through a brief history lesson of cast drawing, and train students utilizing some eye training exercises. Casts will be provided by the instructor. 



Nitram Charcoal (various hardnesses)

Kneaded Eraser

16x20 Drawing Paper

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