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Expressive Portraits in Ink & Watercolor
with Mariah Ordonez

Create a self portrait with a unique twist in this morning workshop

Saturday May 25th, 9:00am - 12:00pm


$125 + $20 material fee

Honey Bee.jpg
Mixed Media Portrait.jpg
Self Portrait 2023.jpg

Express yourself through portrait imagery -

with textures and patterns using unique materials

Students in this course will complete an expressive portrait in ink and watercolor using techniques developed by the teaching artist.


This course is designed to help artists of all levels consider the use of space, proportion, value, line, and rhythm in their portraits.

Students will receive instruction in drawing their portrait, creating depth and dimension using line and value, layering color, and applying lines expressively in ink.


Students can also expand their work into gouache (opaque watercolor) and/or collage. 

Artist Bio Mariah Ordonez.jpeg

Mariah Ordonez painting in her studio

Mariah Ordoñez is an artist and art educator located in Kingston, WA. She is a painter, sculptor, and creative facilitator. Her work is currently on view at Mary Hill Museum and has recently been available at the Schack Art Center. Mariah holds a Masters of Teaching in Arts Education from Willamette University and has been teaching art for over 14 years in public schools and private art studios throughout the PNW.

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