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Master Copy in Oils
with Don Moore

This exclusive four-week program elevates the traditional Master Copy concept to an advanced level. Participants will carefully choose a Master, a celebrated artist from art history, and print two copies of their selected painting. Detailed documentation of the artist's name and the painting's title is crucial, while further exploration of the artist's body of work enhances understanding of their unique style. The meticulous use of the Grid Technique ensures precision in transferring the painting's outline onto the canvas, facilitating accurate replication.

4 week class - March 27th, April 3rd, 10th, &17th

6:00-9:00pm each week


I have been a huge fan of the great Frank Frazetta for many years. When I was a young man I was introduced to his work because of my own personal interest in fantasy, and ever since then I was hooked. So as I was working on finishing my degree in painting. I was tasked with doing a master copy, actually had to do many during the course of my studies. I chose to reach back to my youth and do something that always captured my imagination. I present to you my study of Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer."

Dear Dealer Master Copy by Don Moore Oil Painting Black Barn Fine Art Studio

What to expect from your 4 week class

Embark on a transformative artistic odyssey with our Master Copy class—an age-old method for honing drawing skills, refining painting techniques, and exploring diverse styles. Led by the accomplished artist Don Moore at the recently inaugurated Black Barn Studio, this four-week course invites you into the realm of oil painting. Don, drawing on a rich background in graphic design and three decades as an art and creative director, seamlessly intertwines his passion for fine art with his professional narrative. Armed with a formal education from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and holding both a BFA and a Master's degree in Drawing and Painting, Don brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this extended workshop.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced oil painter, this class caters to your individual needs. The Black Barn Studio, boasting state-of-the-art facilities, provides an ideal setting for this extensive exploration, offering a backdrop for participants to refine their skills under the expert guidance of Don Moore—an acknowledged master considered one of the most talented and exciting artists in western Washington. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to enhance your proficiency in oil painting, acquiring valuable insights and skills within an immersive environment that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring.

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