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Perspective Drawing
with Derek Gundy

This 4 week class will help students learn the rights and wrongs of perspective drawings - and how to develop convincing believable 3D drawings with the use of perspective tools.

Class will be rescheduled based on interested students and what times work for them. If you are interested, please write 


Understanding Perspective Drawing is a very essential part of having your artwork, paintings and illustrations be effective as well as correct. In a world of art & design where some aspects are described from one person’s opinion as to what they like or dislike, perspective drawing is either right or wrong. It’s like math in a sense, in that there is a correct answer and a lot of wrong answers. 

2 point perspective drawing from imagination by instructor Derek Gundy

Illustrator Derek Gundy will guide students through 4 weeks or perspective exercises that will teach them the correct way of using perspective in one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective. Participants will learn how to correctly use vanishing points to learn the foundations or drawing three dimensionally and learn some freehand sketching methods for drawing perspective on the go.

Supplies Needed:


14x17 drawing paper

Drawing board large enough for drawing board – or drawing in pad may work as well

18” clear ruler

Mechanical Pencil

Vinyl Eraser

Microns Pens – Various widths – such as 05, 02

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