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Plein Air Painting in Oils with Robin Weiss
July 27th

This one day workshop will focus on painting a scene on location in North Kitsap County. Students will start off in the studio at Black Barn before venturing out to a nearby location, such as Point no Point Lighthouse, or Port Gamble.

Robin Weiss will guide students through the materials, and how to paint on location all prima (in one sitting) Scroll down to see more work by Robin, and to read about details of your workshop.

Kingston Ferry Terminal Oil Painting by Robin Weiss Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Egglon Beach Oil Painting by Robin Weiss - Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Oil Painting by Robin Weiss - Plein Air Workshop at Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Port Gamble in the Fall - Plein Air Painting Workshop with Robin Weiss - Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Plein Air Workshop with Robin Weiss Black Barn Fine Art Studio

What to expect from your workshop with Robin

This workshop will focus on the tools and materials to paint successfully outdoors. We will go over all the

gear I use and also cover composition and designing a painting that will draw the viewer into the scene.

We will hit on some basic color theory and then go outside to put these principles into practice. I will do a

demo each day of the workshop so that you can see first hand how I approach starting and finishing a

painting in one session. These demos will be an abrieviated version so that you will all have time to try

your hand.

We will meet at the Black Barn in the morning to go over subjects listed above and then drive to a

location, probably The Point no Point Lighthouse. There will be some walking with gear so you will need

a portable easel and some thing to carry your stuff. My pochade and all I need to paint fits in a Kelty 65

back pack. Students in the past who do not have portable pocahde boxes have used a french easel and

some type of cart to move gear into the field.


Materials list

Portable Easel ( French easel or pochade with tripod) and cart or back pack to carry

Turpentine in a non-glass container, paper towels and trash bag

Brushes and something to carry them in. (brush holder) Assortment of hog bristle flat and filbert,

Synthetic mongoose flats 1/2 inch and smaller. one inch chip brush, rigger or script brush for fine lines

t-square or straight edge

sketch book with comp finder,( I will bring some of these with me that you can purchase )

I like to start out with a split pallet of paint colors. A warm and cool of the primaries an earth color and

Titanium White,

M Graham oil paint,

Titanium White,Hansa Yellow,Cad Yellow, Cad Red, Alizerine, Cobalt Blue,Ultramarine Blue, Transparent

Red Oxide

Supplementary colors, Viridian, Cad Orange, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black.

Gamblin paint,

Radient Blue, Radient Turquoise.


I like Centurion Oil Primed Linen panels. They seem to hold up pretty good in outside conditions but for

this workshop you can use student grade panels. Michaels has a good affordable selection 9x12, 6x8

Additional items

Sun hat, Water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, portable sunshade (Shade Buddy), lunch, camera.


Lets go paint! =]

As a painter I feel it is my job to give the viewer a chance, or second look

at an unobserved , or overlooked scene that one would not notice at first


These glimpses of nature are often seen in a flash of light and shadow, out

of the corner of your eye. They are the subjects that fascinate me most.

Sometimes there for just a fleeting moment these scenes are jewels to be

captured and the challenge is to keep the brilliance intact on canvas or


I want my paintings to slow the viewer down to a place where they can

contemplate the beauty and divine joy of the commonplace everywhere.

Using oil paint, I try and capture what my eye sees and my heart feels of

the amazing beauty that surrounds me.

Another aspect of my painting is a search for truth and beauty in my art,

because I believe that truth and beauty reflect the Creators heart. Art is

more than a vocation , for some I believe it is a calling. By combining

imagination, and faith , beautiful art is created that reminds us of His

perfection and timelesness. In art we are given a harbinger of eternity.

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