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Studio Painting in Oils with Robin Weiss
April 27th


This one day workshop will focus on painting a still life in the Black Barn Studio. Spend a day creating in a first class art studio on a naturally beautiful farm property. 

Robin Weiss will guide students through the materials, and how to paint a still life all prima (in one sitting) Scroll down to see more work by Robin, and to read about details of your workshop.

Still life oil painting by Robin Weiss Black Barn Fine Art Studio
Still Life Workshop by Robin Weiss at Black Barn Fine Art Studio

What to expect from your workshop with Robin

Painter Robin Weiss will spend the day working with students in the Black Barn Fine Art Studio developing still life paintings focusing on elements of design and paint application.

Students will make several value studies, choosing the strongest one to translate to a color painting. Students should bring at least 3 painting panels, 9x12 - 6x8

As a painter I feel it is my job to give the viewer a chance, or second look

at an unobserved , or overlooked scene that one would not notice at first


These glimpses of nature are often seen in a flash of light and shadow, out

of the corner of your eye. They are the subjects that fascinate me most.

Sometimes there for just a fleeting moment these scenes are jewels to be

captured and the challenge is to keep the brilliance intact on canvas or


I want my paintings to slow the viewer down to a place where they can

contemplate the beauty and divine joy of the commonplace everywhere.

Using oil paint, I try and capture what my eye sees and my heart feels of

the amazing beauty that surrounds me.

Another aspect of my painting is a search for truth and beauty in my art,

because I believe that truth and beauty reflect the Creators heart. Art is

more than a vocation , for some I believe it is a calling. By combining

imagination, and faith , beautiful art is created that reminds us of His

perfection and timelesness. In art we are given a harbinger of eternity.

Recommended Supplies

This class will be focused on oil painting methods. You may use other mediums if you choose but I paint in oils and have more experience in that medium. My paint company of choice is M. Graham & Co. I like the way the walnut oil in the paint flows on the canvas and lends itself to the Alla Prima wet in wet method I like to employ.

These are the colors I use on my palette. You may use the colors of your choice. Many of the colors I use are for convenience. I recommend a limited palette for beginners consisting of a split (warm/cool) primary, titanium white and an earth tone such as Burnt Sienna or Trans Red Oxide.

My Palette:

Titanium White, Cad Yellow, Cad Orange, Car Red Light, Alizerine, Viridian, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre.

Brushes I recommend:

10-4 Filbert Hog Bristle , 10-4 Bright or Flat Synthetic Mongoose and a script or “rigger” brush for fine lines. (You probably have many brushes that you are used to and those will be fine. This is a suggested list mainly for beginners who don’t have many supplies)

I will be using my Plein Air Painting gear which consists of a portable easel, palette, brush holder , plastic turp jar and trash bag, for painting on location. You will need all of these items to paint comfortably with whatever set up you use at home.

Black Barn has some basic easels that you may use at the studio.

I also suggest bringing a sketch book, a view finder and pencil or pen to sketch with and to take notes.

I will be bringing my own sketch books, view finders and Finito pens for sale if you would like to purchase them.

I recommend the book by Carol Marine on “Daily Painting” that I will be referencing for this workshop.

Thanks for attending this workshop!! I look forward to meeting you and exploring still life painting together!



Interested in painting on location with Robin Weiss?

Register for his plein air painting workshop on July 27th
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